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Making Sure A Website Is Legit:

Today in class we went over different types of websites. We witnessed a fake article about octopuses that live in trees and we learned about telling  whether a website was legitimate or not. There are many different ways you can find out if a website is legitimate or not. You should first look over the webpage to see if there is any contact information. You should also look at the web address; a web address can end with .edu, .org, or .com. There are many more but these are some of the most common. To see what these domains are used for you can click here. We learned that you should also look over the website before taking information from it. Look at pictures, videos, links, and you should look and see if there are many pop-ups or not. A website with a lot of pop-ups and different ads may not be legit. There are many signs telling whether you should trust the websites you find or not. To see signs that a website may be fake click here!

Pixlr vs Photoshop

Pixlr is a website where you can edit pictures for free. Photo shop is usually already on your computer/desktop and most of the time it cost a lot of money. They’re¬†similar¬†because they both edit pictures just in different ways, but one costs money to do so. ¬†For the many differences between these two and maybe some facts you didn’t know, click here.

How To Install Windows XP


In order to install windows, you need the Windows XP CD  You need to make sure all of your computer hardware is setup and ready. After that put in the CD  read the licensing agreement. If you have any important data on your computer you need to back it up before doing the installation or it will get deleted. You need to follow the directions it gives you as you go along in order for the installation to be done properly.

For a tutorial on how to install Windows XP click here.

For a video tutorial click here.