Character Traits

1. Responsible- I think that I am responsible because I am always able to do what I am told or asked of. I can work on my own and get things done when they are needed.

2. Kind- I think I’m a kind person because I am nice to people I do and don’t know. I always try to show respect towards others and I’m always there if someone needs help or a person to talk too.

3. Honest- Well, Mason chose this as my most important trait. I chose this to describe me because I always tell the truth and I do what I’m supposed to 100% of the time. I can always be trusted to do something that I’m told to do.

4. Talkative- I’m a very talkative person. I have very good communication skills that I can use when talking to others.

I chose these traits mainly because I think they describe me the best.


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