The Jerk

The film ‘The Jerk’ features Steve Martin as the main character Navin Johnson. Navin is a disabled white person who at first thought he was black. As the movies goes on he ends up leaving his home, getting jobs, inventing glasses, then he becomes a millionaire off of his invention. He sends money to his family too. But eventually after becoming rich and buying a mansion and so many different goods that he didn’t need, the worst thing ends up happening and he gets sued for causing people who bought his glasses to turn cross-eyed. He then loses all of his money and his wife and become a homeless man on the street. At the end of the movie he wife and family, who are now rich, come to find him to take him home.

My favorite character in the movie was definitely Navin Johnson, the main character. I liked how his attitude changed throughout the movie and how he reacted to some situations he was put in. I also thought he was the funniest.

I feel as if the moral of the film is to not take what you have for granted.

My opinion of the film overall was that it was very good. I enjoyed it very much and thought it had a good meaning behind it and it was also very funny.

I would definitely watch the movie again.

I definitely recommend this film. Especially to someone I know who may take things for granted. Or just to someone I know that likes Steve Martin or funny movies.

Navin demonstrated positive work ethic during all of the scenes he had a job in. He always did what his boss told him and helped costumers when they needed it. He demonstrated teamwork skills when he would help his boss do different jobs at the gas station. Self-representation is demonstrated by the way he dresses during work and after he was rich, he always tried to look his best. He demonstrated conflict-resolution when he chased the little kid on the train and figured out how to help him.

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Here is a scene of Navin demonstrating conflict-resolution: Click here


Negotiation Steps

So, the problem is, you’re at school in line to buy lunch and someone decides they want to get in front of you. Here is a skit like thing to describe how you should handle the situation:
You: (in a calm, collective way) Excuse me but I was in front of you.
Ignorant Person: Well I’m hungry too!
You: (still calm) Ok, but I got here first and its going to take the same amount of time for them to serve you behind me as it would if you are in front of me. I’d appreciate if you’d move back.
Ignorant Person: I guess you’re right, sorry.
You: It’s okay, have a good lunch.

The moral of the story is if you’re calm and polite things will most likely work out better. Even if the other person is ignorant and aggravating you it’s always better to be the bigger person and stay mature.

Character Traits

1. Responsible- I think that I am responsible because I am always able to do what I am told or asked of. I can work on my own and get things done when they are needed.

2. Kind- I think I’m a kind person because I am nice to people I do and don’t know. I always try to show respect towards others and I’m always there if someone needs help or a person to talk too.

3. Honest- Well, Mason chose this as my most important trait. I chose this to describe me because I always tell the truth and I do what I’m supposed to 100% of the time. I can always be trusted to do something that I’m told to do.

4. Talkative- I’m a very talkative person. I have very good communication skills that I can use when talking to others.

I chose these traits mainly because I think they describe me the best.

Work Ethics

  1. You sit down at a desk and notice that the person who was there before you left their wallet. Do you find out who the person is and take it to them? Or take the wallet without telling anyone it was left behind?
  2. You’re at a party and you and a group of your friends are drinking, knowing that you have to go home that night do you call your one of your parents to come get you, even though you will get in trouble? Or risk drunk driving?
  3. At school you have a pop quiz that you know you aren’t ready for. Your buddy beside you has a list of answers. You’re failing the class already and this quiz is important, do you risk getting in trouble and look at the answers your friend has? Or do you try you best to do it on your own?

Mac OS X Mountain Lion



Mac Os is different from Windows. Both can be used to access files and to browse the web. Mac is more expensive than windows and has more features. Some examples are iMessage and iCloud. On windows, you can choose more of what you want to do than having certain things you are wanted to use. Mac could also be easier to use just because of all the different features it has. Windows doesn’t have quite as many different things to pick from, compared to the Mac.